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Dry Ice Is Essential In Medical & Pharmaceutical Shipments

 As It Ensures That Temperature-Sensitive Medical Goods Are Kept At The Appropriate Temperatures Throughout the Shipping Process.

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Carbonic International

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How Dry Ice Can Help You


  • Carbonic International has developed the Dry Ice system to harness dry-ice's unique properties for your cold chain assurance solutions

  • This system offers you custom packaging, transportation services and tracking systems along with Carbonic International's expertise to achieve maximum product preservation down the line

  • Your product deterioration and losses are minimized by using Carbonic International's Dry Ice, the hassle-free environment-friendly food grade refrigeration system

  • Carbonic Dry Ice Protects your foodstuff after shopping by preserving from microbes. Adding dry ice to wet ice can increase its shelf life by up-to 24 hours

  • Dry ice is used in meat plants to inhibit the build-up of heat. E.g. hamburger mince

  • Used in bakeries in combination with flour to keep the temperature low & activates the yeast at the right time, minus the shortcomings of wet ice

  • Can be used to create a fog effect by throwing into a swimming pool or Jacuzzi

  • Dry ice is used for special effects for parties and by bars and restaurants

  • Labs use dry ice from Carbonic International to transport of important items

  • Carbonic International Dry ice is used to shrink fit metals



Bacteria Free



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Carbonic International has been A premier supplier for food grade dry ice and related cold chain solutions in the UAE. And it's the only HACCP Certified and the largest DRY ICE supplier in the UAE. Centrally located in JAFZA, Dubai, We offer five-star 24/7 customer service and express, same-day delivery anywhere in the UAE. We supply dry ice pellets and blocks of all sizes. We’re also a government-approved vendor. This means that we hold our product and services to the highest quality and purity standards!  

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