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The Leading Dry Ice Provider in the UAE
Carbonic International is the only HACCP certified DRY ICE supplier in the UAE. Centrally located in JAFZA, Dubai, we supply dry ice pellets and blocks of all sizes with a 24/7 hotline and SAME DAY DELIVERY service to your door.

Why Carbonic International?Advantages

High Quality Packing + Insulated Delivery Trucks = Lower Sublimation Losses

Carbonic international uses state of the art insulated dry ice containers to minimize sublimation losses. All customers receive their dry ice in insulated, containers. Our fleet of trucks are insulated and Dubai Municipality certified for food grade transportation.



Extensive Regional Distribution Network - Assured Packaging Solutions

Our state of the art production facility in the world-renowned Jebel Ali Free Zone and our diverse fleet of vehicles supported by our 24-hour sales hotline allow us to meet your dry ice requirements from 5kg to 50 tons in a single day.

At Carbonic International, we weigh your product just prior to delivery using state-of-the-art containers.


Every Delivery Has A Documented Weighment Schedule

To ensure our customers receive the highest quality dry ice, we have live CC TV coverage and test all dry ice production and liquid CO2 and dry ice purity.


HACCP And Strict Quality Control Procedures


Carbonic International sanitizes dry ice containers before usage using eco-friendly bacterial sanitization products. Our plant and factory grounds are a model for all to see in JAFZA.

Hygiene And QC

We price our dry ice competitively upfront without unexpected add-on charges (e.g. hazmat fees) and offer flexibility in length and terms of dry ice supply agreements.


Competitive, Stable Pricing

Carbonic International

Your Dry Ice Specialist

How Dry Ice Can Help You

Carbonic International has developed the Dry Ice system to harness dry-ice's unique properties for your cold chain assurance solutions.

This system offers you custom packaging, transportation services and tracking systems along with Carbonic International's expertise to achieve maximum product preservation down the line.

Your product deterioration and losses are minimized by using Carbonic International's Dry Ice, the hassle-free environment-friendly food grade refrigeration system.

Dry Ice Cleaning

From The Pioneers In The Region

Application Technology + Infrastructure + 24 Hour Customer Service = Satisfaction Guaranteed

Place your trusted jobs in the most experienced hands in the region - call us now!

Four Stages Of Dry Ice Blasting

Tiny dry ice pellets at -79 °Celsius are propelled from a compact, self-contained unit at supersonic speed through a dry ice cleaning gun using specially treated compressed air.

The dry ice pellets hit the surface (to be removed or cleaned) creating a thermal shock wave.

Upon impact, they sublimate into gas breaking the surface-substrate bond.

The resulting tension dislodges the surface material without damaging the substrate while the harmless CO2 gas from the sublimated dry ice is absorbed back into the atmosphere. There is no water, sand, grit, chemicals, solvents or other toxic secondary contaminants to discard with this eco-friendly technology.

Dry Ice Is Essential In Medical & Pharmaceutical Shipments

 As It Ensures That Temperature-Sensitive Medical Goods Are Kept At The Appropriate Temperatures Throughout the Shipping Process.

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